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Luxury Buildings

Office Towers & Campuses, Residences & Hotels

The amenities offered within new construction these days is fierce. Anything from full gyms, to swimming pools, dog washing stations and rooftop decks. Chasing Nirvana Yoga will staff and manage your on-site wellness program using your fitness studio, outdoor space, marketing or tenant suite along with our scheduling system to give your luxury condo, apartment complex, office building or hotel that extra edge. 

Corporate Yoga

Chasing Nirvana Yoga is a mobile yoga studio that provides on-site yoga at corporate offices. Offering yoga classes at work is a great way to motivate employees to move throughout their day without ever leaving the office. Corporate yoga is a direct way to improve employee overall health, reduce employee sick days, increase retention, boost productivity, and strengthen corporate culture.  With our flexible pricing structures, we make it easy for your company to participate. 

Community Spaces

Chasing Nirvana can come to your local park or communal space to host classes for your neighborhood or community. Group classes are a great way to bring people together, increase moral and socialization. 


Let us host your next event; corporate retreat, conference, school trip, etc.