Stress Management

Outsmarting Stress Series: Although stress is undeniably part of our busy, modern lives, we can learn ways to manage it and thrive.  Learn how the body reacts to stress, ways to create a strong foundation to equip your body to stave off stress, tools to reframe stress, and coping strategies to calm your body and mind. Participants will leave with essential tools to manage stress and promote well being.


Participate in one or come to all!

October: How is stress affecting your life?

November: Rewire your thinking

December: Develop coping strategies

January: Creating a strong foundation (part 1)

February: Creating a strong foundation (part 2)

March: Creating your unique roadmap to outsmart stress


classes take place in the Fitness Center within building 300 on-site at Unicorn Park.

Group health coaching sessions will take place in building 300 in the cafeteria


Series Description:

Session 1: How Is Stress Affecting Your Life?

Learn about how your body reacts to stress, the impact on your body, mind and emotional state. Gain an understanding into your unique stressors and your body’s reactions to stress.

Session 2: Rewire Your Thinking

In a nutshell, A is the stressful event, B is your thoughts and beliefs about that event., and C is the stress that is brought on by the combination of A+B. Most people think that A=C. They never realize that their thoughts and beliefs play ANY role in their experience of stress. Learn to change your thoughts and beliefs and greatly reduce stress.

Session 3: Develop Coping Strategies

Learn a variety of coping strategies to handle stress and calm your body and mind. In this session, practice deep breathing exercises, mindfulness techniques, and other resources to cultivate relaxation.

Session 4: Creating A Strong Foundation, Part 1

Your body is significantly better equipped to stave off stress if it is fueled with the right foods, you’ve had restorative sleep, and if your mood and energy are boosted by exercise.

Equip your body to stave off stress by learning the essentials of fueling your body with nutritious foods to balance and sustain your energy throughout the day.

Session 5: Creating A Strong Foundation, Part 2

Sleep Your Way Happy. Stress and Sleep are directly related. The more stress we feel, the harder it is to sleep. When you’re not getting adequate sleep, It’s hard to think clearly or regulate emotions which can lead to getting backed up at work adding more stress.

Science shows that sleep is a huge performance enhancer. When we wake up fully recharged, our health is better, our productivity and creativity are better and we’re happier.  Even with all the benefits of sleep, most of the population struggles to get enough for their body.  In this workshop, participants will learn strategies to quiet a busy mind, improve their sleep hygiene, and set sleep rituals for a sound night sleep.  

Session 6: Creating Your Unique Roadmap To Outsmart Stress

Combine all the principles for outsmarting stress to implement your personalized plan to dealing with stress.  Create a strategy to change your response when faced with challenges.