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Being Mindful is an Essential Managerial Skill – Here’s Why


Being a leader comes with stress. It’s part of the job. But it’s how you handle that stress that dictates your effectiveness with your team and company. Practicing mindfulness is one way to drive positive results, according to a study from Harvard.

The study revealed that when leaders are stressed, their anxiety can be felt across the entire organization. This often becomes detrimental to employees and lowers productivity, even resulting in early departure from the company. Visibly stressed leaders lose credibility with their team, too. Only 7 percent of employees surveyed believed their stressed leaders effectively lead their teams, and only 11 percent with stressed leaders felt they were highly engaged at work.

When leaders fail to manage their stress in a constructive way, more than 50 percent of their employees perceive their leader as harmful or ineffective. Further, when leaders are unable to manage stress, employees lose their drive to advance within the company.
— Inc.

Over the past decade, mindfulness has become more and more popular in the workplace, especially with effective managers. Leaders who engage in mindfulness were found to increase hope, optimism, self-efficacy, and resilience in their teams, according to the Harvard study. They were also able to reduce their own stress, increasing their overall health.

But how does one become a mindful leader? The first step is to develop self-awareness. Pay attention to how you are showing up with people and within situations in the office. Do you show signs of visible stress? Are you able to effectively process the steps you need to take to complete a project? Does your team come to you to help solve problems, or do they avoid you out of fear or frustration? Become aware of how you are reacting and engaging and make a plan to improve where necessary. If all else fails, don’t forget to breathe! Even taking five minutes a day to be with your breath will help you embrace the present moment and think with clarity. 

For more tactics on becoming a mindful leader, read this great article from Inc. As a leader, you have the power to make or break your team and contribute to your company’s overall success, so be sure you’re channeling mindfulness to help you succeed your goals!

Chasing Nirvana Yoga offers on-site yoga and wellness classes to offices, tenant buildings, events, and more. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, please visit www.chasingnirvanayoga.com.

Try Our 7-Day Positivity Challenge to Jumpstart Your Week!

7-Day Positivity Challenge.png

No matter what your typical day looks like, everyone experiences stress, roadblocks, and insecurities. These obstacles can throw you off and drive you in a negative direction – but only if you let them!

Did you know negative thoughts can lead to health problems? High levels of stress can cause gastrointestinal issues, migraines, and anxiety, but also long-term health ailments such as heart disease and immune function. 

If you find yourself stuck on the negative side, try our 7-Day Positivity Challenge. You can start this on any day of the week and let it carry you through the next seven days. At the end, check in with yourself and see how you feel! We’re pretty confident you’ll be starting your next week off on a more positive foot, but don’t take it from us … try it for yourself! 

Chasing Nirvana Yoga’s 7-Day Positivity Challenge

Day One

At the start of your day, make a list of three things you are grateful for. Think about these three things periodically throughout the day, particularly when negative thoughts creep in.

Day Two

Make a playlist of songs that make you happy and let this be the soundtrack of your day! Even a three-song playlist will do. Give it a listen during your car ride to work, while you’re doing chores, or when you’re running on the treadmill and see how much lighter on your feet you feel!


Day Three

Practice a loving-kindness meditation (also called mettā). Take a comfortable posture, breathe deeply, close your eyes, and focus on a few loving affirmations of your choosing. You’re your energy from your heart center. Common phrases include: 

  • May I be safe and protected.

  • May I be free of mental suffering or distress.

  • May I be happy.

  • May I be able to live in this world happily, peacefully, joyfully, with ease.

Begin by sending these affirmations toward yourself. Second, choose someone who you love or who has cared for you and mentally offer these affirmations to them (example: May you be safe and protected. May you be free of mental suffering or distress.). Finally, choose someone who you may not see eye-to-eye with or who you need to forgive and mentally offer these affirmations to them.


Day Four

Say one kind thing to 3-5 different people who cross your path today. Not only will this brighten others’ days, psychological studies also show you will benefit, too! Your happiness and overall wellbeing will flourish.


Day Five

Get outside! Spend some time in nature being active or simply walking around and experiencing the beauty around you. Did you know by being active for only 30 minutes a day increases your heart health, promotes weight loss, reduces stress, and boosts your mood?


Day Six

See if you can go a full day without a single complaint. If you catch yourself having a negative thought, don’t be too hard on yourself! Mentally transform this thought into something positive and move on. For example, if you feel like complaining about how often your office phone is ringing, transform that thought into positivity and thankfulness for your job when others are not lucky enough to have one!


Day Seven

Spend today doing one thing you love. Self-care is important, and there is nothing wrong with making yourself a priority! Even if you only spend a half hour writing, practicing yoga, drinking a glass of wine, or chatting with a friend on the phone, it will have a profound effect on the rest of your day.


Chasing Nirvana Yoga offers on-site yoga and wellness classes for to office buildings, community spaces, events, and more. Our goal is to bring a focus to wellness as a whole rather than just fitness. Our classes encourage your workforce to take a physical and mental break during their workday and to find a balance between stillness of mind, strength of body, and peace within your heart, all of which will help you maintain the inertia behind the daily juggle of life. For more information, please visit www.chasingnirvanayoga.com.

Office Trends: 87% Want Their Employers to Offer Healthy Workspace Benefits

It’s no secret that the typical office floor plan has transformed far beyond impersonal cubicle farms. Over the last few decades, we’ve watched office spaces evolve like origami, moving toward open floor plans and communal spaces, with many offices even adding ping pong tables to the mix. But what’s trending for 2019? 

While office trends come and go, one thing that does not change is the impact that the office environment has on employee health and wellbeing. A quality workspace design leads to a less stressful and more productive atmosphere. It’s essential that employers take the physical work environment of their employees into consideration. Employees need to feel comfortable and calm in their physical work settings to produce their best work.
— Forbes
  • According to the Fellowes Workplace Wellness Trend Report, employees are really focusing on a healthier work environment. This report is filled with fascinating statistics, including the following: 

  • An overwhelming majority (87%) of workers would like their current employer to offer healthier workspace benefits, with options ranging from wellness rooms, company fitness benefits, sit-stands, healthy lunch options, and ergonomic seating.

  • Interestingly, employees of younger companies are less likely (34%) to be turned down when asking for in-office benefits like sit-stand desks than employees at established companies (42%).

  • 93% of workers in the tech industry said they would stay longer at a company who would offer healthier workspace benefits, with options ranging from wellness rooms, company fitness benefits, sit-stands, healthy lunch options, and ergonomic seating.

Here at Chasing Nirvana Yoga, we’ve watched offices transform firsthand when employers or property managers offer on-site yoga and wellness classes. The plus side is that they don’t even need to reconstruct their floor plan for these offerings (unless they want to!). As long as there is a space to congregate, the wellness can commence! 

For those wondering where to start, check out this helpful chart from the Forbes article exploring the Fellowes report. It outlines seven concepts for healthier buildings, including air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort, and mind. Read the full article for more tips on incorporating each concept into your daily 9-5!

The Well Building Standard

For more information on Chasing Nirvana Yoga or to set up a consultation for your space, please visit www.chasingnirvanayoga.com.