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Employers, Here’s Where Your Health Benefits Packages Are Taking the Wrong Approach

HR Dive

Employers, times have changed over the past decade. Wellness packages can’t just include your basic health care anymore. If you’re not taking a look at your employees’ overall health and offering them benefits packages that reflect today’s holistic values, you may lose out in the long run over your competition.

Did you know nearly half of all U.S. worksites offer some type of wellness program, according to a recent report from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention? Companies are continuing to offer what are becoming traditional wellness perks, such as gym memberships and weight loss challenges, but it is becoming apparent that employees need more. 

Focusing on well-being doesn’t mean canceling gym memberships or any other wellness initiative, but it does mean making gym memberships the starting point rather than the endpoint in addressing health.
— HR Dive

We have watched as on-site yoga and wellness classes, financial wellness counseling, guided meditation, and more have cropped up in workplaces across the globe, and statistics show they are helping re-define company workflow. A survey by Virgin HealthMiles Inc. and Workforce Management Magazine found that 77% of employees think that employee wellness programs positively impact the company culture, and about 87% of employees said they consider health and wellness offerings when choosing an employer. These newer wellness perks are what is retaining employees and keeping them happy, healthy, and productive.

A recent HR Dive article notes that corporations can fail when they don’t address employee pain points. Therefore, well-being surveys are being utilized as one method to really dive down deep into what employees want in terms of wellness perks. By re-directing focus from age-old health benefits and casting a wider net, employers can be sure they’re offering something for everyone, not just perks employees may not use. Moreover, by simply providing a more comprehensive wellness package, employers are showing employees that their health comes first – and that’s something they won’t forget.

Read the full HR Dive article here for more on what employers should be focusing on regarding wellness packages. They take commitment, and for each company, the benefits offered may have to be unique, but when done correctly, a full holistic wellness package can become a competitive advantage for attracting, retaining, and engaging a thriving workforce.

Chasing Nirvana Yoga offers on-site health and wellness classes for corporations, commercial real estate properties, community events, and more. To learn more, or to schedule your free consultation, visit www.chasingnirvanayoga.com.

Five Crystals You Can Use to Welcome the Fall

Though it’s not quite the fall equinox, the start of September always brings anticipation for the new season (though every year, it’s difficult to leave summer behind!). In September, the leaves begin to change to red, orange, and yellow, pumpkin and cider flavors hit the market, and apple picking is at its prime. School begins again, and it’s time to double down. 

Fall is a time to reflect, and with it comes a few different emotions. Change. Letting go. New beginnings. Fall is a wonderful excuse to think back upon your past goals and see how far you’ve come. It is also a time to plan ahead for the future – closing one book to begin a new one.

With the change of the season comes uncertainty as well, and your health should be a primary focus. One way to take care of yourself is to try utilizing healing crystals. Crystals are a holistic practice that are said to harness healing energies because of their individual vibrations. Though science goes back and forth on just how helpful they can be, you can always hold a crystal in your hand or your pocket and use it to remind yourself of certain properties. 

If you’ve never used healing crystals, maybe this fall is a good time to start! Here are five crystals you can use this September through November to celebrate all that is good about autumn! 

Photo credit: Energy Muse

Photo credit: Energy Muse


Chrysocolla is a green crystal that is good for your heart chakra (chakras are the seven energy points of your body that define your overall well-being – see this helpful guide for more!). It is ideal for supporting you through transition periods and gives you courage to deal with any situation you may need a hand in. It is a stone of communication and calm, and it allows your voice to be heard. 

Photo credit: Energy Muse

Photo credit: Energy Muse

Red Jasper

Red jasper is a grounding stone, great for your root chakra. It brings strength to difficult situations and tethers you to the earth. It is also very good for all kinds of powerful healing. Using this crystal will give you a powerful, strong foundation to work from, letting you know you are always supported.




Aquamarine is a throat chakra stone that is ideal for articulation, communication, and letting go. If you live by the ocean or a body of water, you may find this stone particularly useful, as its name comes from a Latin phrase meaning, “water of the sea.” Like water, aquamarine lets you go with the flow and take new situations in stride.


Photo credit: Energy Muse

Photo credit: Energy Muse


Citrine is a beautiful orange crystal that is reminiscent of fall leaves. It is a wonderful stone for career goals and creativity and helps with focus and setting new goals. When you think of citrine, think of manifestation, imagination, and joy. Citrine is the embodiment of happiness – let yourself feel joy when working with this stone! It is a sacral chakra stone, which governs emotions, sensuality, and creativity.


Photo credit: Energy Muse

Photo credit: Energy Muse


Another orange stone, carnelian is one of courage, success, and motivation. It represents your creative inner child and promotes passion. If you’re looking to take bold action in your transition, this may be the stone for you. This stone is always rooting for you! It is also a sacral chakra stone and burns like a campfire on a crisp, autumn night.

Have you ever used healing crystals? How do they make you feel? Sound off in the comments!

Chasing Nirvana Yoga offers on-site yoga and wellness classes to commercial real estate properties, employers, employees, community events, and more. For more information, or to set up a free consultation, please visit www.chasingnirvanayoga.com.

Yoga Instructor Interview: Rachel Brodeur

Chasing Nirvana Yoga is spreading mindfulness from coast to coast as we bring more corporate yoga classes and events to Los Angeles. We’re thrilled to welcome Rachel Brodeur to the team, who taught her first CNY class at 515 South Flower Street in June.

Rachel, a Massachusetts native who moved to the west coast two years ago, has been practicing yoga since college. Learn more about Rachel and check our her amazing Instagram!

Q: What interests you about teaching corporate yoga? What’s different about it?

A: You’re often working with people who don’t really do too much yoga, so it’s a different mindset. The students’ skill level and yoga knowledge are the biggest differences. They may have less body awareness because they don’t connect mind to body regularly, even if they do other forms of fitness. Teaching corporate yoga requires finding the balance between different skill levels.

Q: How did you get involved in yoga?

A: I found yoga at my most unhealthy point. I was in college and dealing with mental health issues and I developed bad habits. I was being extreme in college. I was eating and drinking too much, and I wasn’t sleeping enough. But I didn’t feel good being in the gym. I just didn’t resonate with gym culture. I wanted something that was a workout that resonated with my mental side and spiritual side.

Over one winter break, I started doing Ashtanga Yoga video and then tried a class back at school. The class was super hard because I was a beginner. Yoga is an entire body workout, and I didn’t have the strength in so many places. At the end, the guided meditation was awesome. I grew up Catholic so I knew praying, but meditation was never taught to me. I felt better after that class and decided it was something I can do.

Q: What do you like about being a yoga instructor?

A: My creative and artistic side is more powerful than my logical side, and I like to pass that down. I take what I feel about yoga and bring it to my students. I recommend you bounce back and forth between beginner and intermediate classes to get really comfortable with all the poses when you start.

Rachel Brodeur

Q: Did anything surprise you during your first Chasing Nirvana Yoga class?

A: Every time I teach, I’m always surprised at how amazing my students are. Attentive, focused, and willing to try something new -- that to me is surprising because there are so many people that hear “yoga” and think, “Well that would be easy for him or her. Definitely not me though!” To be an adult and get outside of your comfort zone, trust a new teacher and enjoy your time on the mat is always an awesome surprise.

Q: What was your favorite moment of the class?

A: The best moment, for me, was the end when I was chatting with the students. Hearing the joy in their voices, especially the ones who had NEVER tried yoga before, is what it’s all about for me! Second best moment is the excitement I feel when I start a class. I love how every group is different, and keeps me on my toes! When we’re all flowing, breathing, and elevating ourselves, there’s nothing better.

Check the Chasing Nirvana Yoga West Coast schedule for upcoming events with Rachel Brodeaur!