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Lower-back yoga poses to help with post-shoveling soreness

Are you tired and sore from all the shoveling we've had to do in the past week? Another blizzard hit Boston, and we had to dig out from under more than a foot of snow.

downward dog

Shoveling snow activates and tests muscles that you might not normally use, leaving you feeling achey and fatigued as the week continues. If you're sore after clearing snow off your car, driveway or sidewalk, you could benefit from some yoga poses for the lower back.

Yoga Journal has some excellent examples of yoga poses that will help ease those post-shoveling aches and pains including bridge pose and downward-facing dog.

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Why you should keep up with your fitness routine during the holidays

Downward dog your way through the next two weeks

Downward dog your way through the next two weeks

Staying on track with your work out schedule, yoga classes or daily meditation can be difficult throughout the holiday season. From being surrounded by rich foods and treats to spending time with loved ones, Christmas and New Year's provide the opportunity for facets of your fitness routine can easily slip through the cracks. It's not difficult to talk yourself out of making it to the gym or taking the time to go through sun salutations before you start your day. Believe us, we know. 

However, mindbodygreen explains exactly why it's important to follow through with your weekly exercise regimen, even though the next few weeks are likely jam-packed. Staying active is the perfect way to keep your cool despite holiday stress. Check out the article here