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Employee retention and acquisition are essential for 2018 business growth

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As Q3 approaches, you might be brainstorming ways to grow your business in the second half of the year. Two key factors for business growth and development are employee retention and acquisition, according to the annual Business Pulse Survey by SunTrust Banks, Inc. Nearly half of the businesses surveyed said attracting employees, and then holding on to them despite how often millennials switch jobs these days, is a significant challenge.

With domestic unemployment continuing to hover just above four percent, one of the lowest levels in a decade, many companies feel they are at a critical point competing for talent,’ said Jason Cagle, head of Commercial Banking at SunTrust. ‘Businesses are looking at all opportunities to attract and retain employees from offering new benefits to sharing tax reform proceeds.’
— SunTrust

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How meditation and mindfulness can improve your workplace

If you're searching for new ways to improve your employees' engagement, satisfaction and health, look no further than on-site meditation classes.


According to Corporate Wellness Magazine, adding meditation classes to your workspace and encouraging your staff to prioritize mindfulness can have far-reaching effects. That's because people show signs of being more focused and relaxed when they meditate regularly. 

"Meditation can also be incorporated into corporate wellness programs along with other elements promoting a healthy, holistic and productive lifestyle. Its personal benefits can certainly be extended to the work environment.

A study found that mindfulness can be beneficially associated with employee well-being in terms of emotional exhaustion, job satisfaction, and psychological need satisfaction. Positive effects were also seen with job performance, as measured by task performance, organizational citizenship behaviors, and deviance. These results suggest a potentially important role of mindfulness in the workplace. "

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Encourage employees to take breaks in exchange for a more focused team

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Do you notice your employees working long hours and checking client emails during off hours? Do you encourage this non-stop work mindset? While it's natural to want to maximize the woman/manpower you have, it's actually more beneficial to insist your staff take breaks to exercise, rest, socialize and disconnect from technology.


Mounting scientific evidence confirms that contemplative practices such as mindfulness, meditation, and yoga improve mental and physical health. These opportunities...can help workers de-stress, renew focus and attention, and feel refreshed throughout a long workday.
— Training Mag

Prevent your employees from getting becoming exhausted and apathetic by urging them to alternate between working and relaxing. Whether this means providing on-site pilates classes or nap pods like some start-ups do, encouraging your team to take breaks can help them be more productive during the time they are working. When people are burned out on work, they are simply more likely to lose focus and make mistakes.

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