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Office design is about more than desks and cubicles these days

The shift to data-driven property management will be a sea change for many traditional real estate companies, which must now do more than ensure the lights run, the plumbing works and the elevators are operational. The individual comfort and wellness of each occupant must now be monitored, along with space usage, to determine how to optimize the space and encourage tenant retention.
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When companies are shopping around for office space, they aren't just looking for rooms divided by cubicles and spacious desks. Businesses that focus on employee satisfaction and workplace wellness are searching for an office building with flexibility.

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Employees want a place to relax and unwind

Many of today's employees don't think of work as a place they're dedicated to from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. That's why they want to work somewhere that provides a community space to chill out. Read more from Bisnow about this trend and why it's important to consider.

The Dale Office Interiors survey found that about 20% of young people have rejected a potential employer due to outdated or uninspiring office design.
Opportunities for activities are also important, according to the survey, with access to exercise and recreational facilities ranked highest by a total of 30% of the respondents.
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Speculative development in Waltham ready to draw companies to the suburbs

Urbanized, well-amenitized developments are the sweet spot for active tenants.
— Bisnow
Post at 200 Smith

With Waltham's Post at 200 Smith campus completed, it doesn't look like office buildings in downtown Boston have completely taken over the real estate market. This speculative development sprawls across 36 acres and includes a fitness center, hiking trails and an MBTA shuttle. Bisnow spoke to a managing partner of Anchor Line Partners about why the company decided to invest in suburban real estate and why he's not worried about finding tenants.

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