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Employees want a place to relax and unwind

Many of today's employees don't think of work as a place they're dedicated to from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. That's why they want to work somewhere that provides a community space to chill out. Read more from Bisnow about this trend and why it's important to consider.

The Dale Office Interiors survey found that about 20% of young people have rejected a potential employer due to outdated or uninspiring office design.
Opportunities for activities are also important, according to the survey, with access to exercise and recreational facilities ranked highest by a total of 30% of the respondents.
— Bisnow
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2018 workplace amenity trend: spec suites

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"While any new or renovated office building today offers a suite of amenities such as a fitness center, a conference room and a rooftop lounge, brokers, landlords and designers say tenants want access to collaborative, shared space on their own floor just outside the door of their suite, similar to what they would have in a co-working space."

This excerpt from a Bisnow article outlines another new trend in co-working spaces: spec suites. Young workers are interested in having versatile community spaces at their disposal. The desire for a more multifaceted workspace opens the door for a range of amenities, including on-site yoga classes and meditation.

According to Jon Glass, the managing director at Savills Studley Corporate Managing,  "It's a more community-driven marketing way for landlords to get new tenants and for people who value flexibility but do not want to be in a fishbowl like WeWork with 900 tenants."

If you're considering ways to make your property more competitive, it's important to keep up with the office design trends of 2018. Read more from Bisnow here!

Workplace Trend Summary: The Office Evolution Conference Roundup

Workplace Trend Summary: The Office Evolution Conference Roundup

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