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Reduce work stress with meditation & yoga


For some people, the best part of yoga class is at the end when everyone takes a few minutes to meditate. You close your eyes, focus on your breathing and clear your mind of your daily worries. And when you leave class, you feel mentally lighter and freer. 

That's because meditation isn't just the perfect way for your body to wind down after working on your strength, flexibility and balance in yoga class. Meditation can help your mind relax as well. While some yogis may get into the practice for the physical benefits, it's impossible to ignore the mental and emotional benefits.

If work stress has been getting you down, try on-site yoga classes and meditation classes at your Boston office or NYC luxury condo. Check out this article from Forbes about how to ease work stress with meditation and more.

Try mindfulness-based breath awareness meditation to help you let go of your wandering mind and come back to the present moment and a sense of calm. We don’t often realize that the skills we are building while we meditate are actually integral life skills that can help us better manage stress and anxiety.
— Melissa McClain, founder of Sense of Mind Wellness & Mindfulness Programs

What does employee well-being have to do with your bottom line?

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If you're searching for new ways to stretch your budget while increasing profits in 2018, we have a tip for you. When it comes to office design trends, successful companies are investing in the happiness of their employees. That's because employees who enjoy their job are often more productive, which ultimately helps the business boost earnings overall.

According to Bisnow, many companies are focusing on their staffs' mental health and general well-being more than ever before. This can be done through perks like game rooms, meditation spaces, on-site yoga classes and flexible working areas.  Read more here!