meditation classes

How meditation and mindfulness can improve your workplace

If you're searching for new ways to improve your employees' engagement, satisfaction and health, look no further than on-site meditation classes.


According to Corporate Wellness Magazine, adding meditation classes to your workspace and encouraging your staff to prioritize mindfulness can have far-reaching effects. That's because people show signs of being more focused and relaxed when they meditate regularly. 

"Meditation can also be incorporated into corporate wellness programs along with other elements promoting a healthy, holistic and productive lifestyle. Its personal benefits can certainly be extended to the work environment.

A study found that mindfulness can be beneficially associated with employee well-being in terms of emotional exhaustion, job satisfaction, and psychological need satisfaction. Positive effects were also seen with job performance, as measured by task performance, organizational citizenship behaviors, and deviance. These results suggest a potentially important role of mindfulness in the workplace. "

Contact Chasing Nirvana Yoga for information about on-site yoga classes near Manhattan and Boston. We also offer meditation classes and corporate retreats to help your employees stay healthy and balanced.

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