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Employee retention and acquisition are essential for 2018 business growth

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As Q3 approaches, you might be brainstorming ways to grow your business in the second half of the year. Two key factors for business growth and development are employee retention and acquisition, according to the annual Business Pulse Survey by SunTrust Banks, Inc. Nearly half of the businesses surveyed said attracting employees, and then holding on to them despite how often millennials switch jobs these days, is a significant challenge.

With domestic unemployment continuing to hover just above four percent, one of the lowest levels in a decade, many companies feel they are at a critical point competing for talent,’ said Jason Cagle, head of Commercial Banking at SunTrust. ‘Businesses are looking at all opportunities to attract and retain employees from offering new benefits to sharing tax reform proceeds.’
— SunTrust

One way to stay competitive in today's ever-changing job market is by offering modern office amenities and employee perks such as on-site yoga classes and flexible work spaces. Contact Chasing Nirvana Yoga to learn more about our office yoga classes in New York, NY, and on-site yoga classes in Boston, MA

Are you reaping the spiritual & emotional benefits of yoga?

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While many people practice yoga for the physical advantages, it can also improve your emotional and spiritual well-being. If you learn more about what guides the practice of yoga beyond movement, you'll discover a whole range of benefits that will inspire your love for yoga all over again. Four aspects of yoga theory that can help you take better care of yourself from within are Ahimsa, Pratyahara, Pratipaksha Bhavana and Karuna.

Read more about these four principles of yoga that can improve your self-esteem from Mindbodygreen! Then, sign up for a yoga class with Chasing Nirvana Yoga at your office or apartment near Boston, MA, or New York City, NY!

Why you should keep up with your fitness routine during the holidays

Downward dog your way through the next two weeks

Downward dog your way through the next two weeks

Staying on track with your work out schedule, yoga classes or daily meditation can be difficult throughout the holiday season. From being surrounded by rich foods and treats to spending time with loved ones, Christmas and New Year's provide the opportunity for facets of your fitness routine can easily slip through the cracks. It's not difficult to talk yourself out of making it to the gym or taking the time to go through sun salutations before you start your day. Believe us, we know. 

However, mindbodygreen explains exactly why it's important to follow through with your weekly exercise regimen, even though the next few weeks are likely jam-packed. Staying active is the perfect way to keep your cool despite holiday stress. Check out the article here