benefits of yoga

Are you reaping the spiritual & emotional benefits of yoga?

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While many people practice yoga for the physical advantages, it can also improve your emotional and spiritual well-being. If you learn more about what guides the practice of yoga beyond movement, you'll discover a whole range of benefits that will inspire your love for yoga all over again. Four aspects of yoga theory that can help you take better care of yourself from within are Ahimsa, Pratyahara, Pratipaksha Bhavana and Karuna.

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Could on-site yoga classes become a trend in education?

denver elementary school yoga

Instead of making detention about sitting silently in a classroom, an elementary school in Denver hired a yoga instructor to teach detainees a practical skill and help them channel their energy into something productive. Imagine how much more effective that must be in improving how the kids behave at school! You can learn more here.

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