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Three Ways to Promote a Mindful Office for Your Employees


Did you know 22% of companies now offer mindfulness training? Corporate warriors like Apple, Google, and Aetna have recognized the importance of mindfulness in the workplace and have dedicated entire programs to making sure their employees are staying stress-free and focusing on the present moment. If your company doesn’t have a plan in place for promoting mindfulness, now is the perfect time to start.

The benefits of making mindfulness an integral part of your company’s culture are endless. In addition to reducing stress and increasing productivity, a mindfulness program does worlds for sending a positive message to employees and ultimately, in attracting and retaining talent.

Here are three ways to promote a mindful office for your employees.


1. Offer on-site yoga and wellness classes.

We already know giving your employees a brief break from their daily 9-5 can help improve their overall being (Harvard Business Review reports it can even help spark emotional intelligence!), and during the course of a lunch break, employers can offer their employees an entire yoga class. Chasing Nirvana Yoga, for instance, offers on-site yoga and wellness classes that cater to each company to meet its individual needs. Even a lunch-and-learn with a wellness expert can promote mindfulness in eating and nutrition. Try carving out an hour once or twice a week and encourage your employees to take advantage of a mindful activity.


2. Designate no-email hours, if appropriate for your industry.

The average person checks their email 15 times a day on different devices. Now that’s a mindfulness disrupter! If you’re not in a time-sensitive industry like a news room, try out a company-wide no-email hour (or half hour if you’re hesitant to be offline that long). Not only will this give people the chance to focus on the present moment, it will minimize distractions so employees can get a project done in one sitting without interruptions.


3. Encourage employees to give up long hours.

Is your office open from 9-5? Unless it is a special circumstance, give your employees the verbal go-ahead to pack up and head home right at 5 p.m.! Many employees don’t realize they’re working late hours until the room goes dark, and some may even put in extra time because they don’t want to be the first to leave. Work-life balance is essential for promoting mindfulness, and by letting your employees know you respect their personal life, you’ll reduce stress, increase loyalty, and give employees a chance to wind down for the evening peacefully. If your employees have difficulty getting their work done by 5 on a normal basis, sit down and help them prioritize. You may be able to take something off their plate!

It’s clear that mindfulness in the workplace is here to stay. By promoting a mindful office for your employees, you’re creating a healthy environment that encourages productivity and happiness. What steps are you taking to make mindfulness a priority in your day to day?

5 Tips for Newbies Attending Their First On-Site Yoga Class

New Yogi

So, your office is jumping on the wellness train and is offering an on-site yoga class during your lunch break. Or maybe you’re a tenant of an apartment complex, and your landlord or building manager posted a flier advertising a community yoga class, free of charge, right downstairs. The problem is, you’ve never attended a yoga class, and you don’t know your chaturangas from your namastes.

Are you going to skip out? Of course not! You just need a support system to get your head in the game, and don’t worry. We’ve got your back! Here are 5 tips for newbies attending their first on-site yoga class.

1. Wear comfortable clothes.

One of the best parts of yoga is that you’re encouraged to dress comfortably, which is a huge perk if you’ve spent the day in work clothes. Though there are many well-known brands out there, don’t feel like you need to dress in designer yoga clothes to get the full experience! Keep it simple. Wear stretchy pants or shorts (exercise attire is just fine!), and a comfortable shirt that is a bit fitted, since many yoga poses will have you bending at the waist. Most often, yoga is done barefoot, so don’t worry about footwear – but if you’re uncomfortable taking off your shoes in front of strangers, opt for socks with non-slip grips.

2. Bring a water bottle.

If you’re a beginner, yoga can be tricky, and you’ll likely find yourself sweating and out of breath at one point or another. Make sure to bring a water bottle to hydrate yourself if need be! However, try not to overdo it, because if you leave for a bathroom break, you’ll interrupt your flow and may distract other yogis in the room. After class is over, be sure to hydrate plenty. Your body will thank you for it after you exercise it in new ways!

3. Show up with an open mind.

Even if you’re skeptical, always try to show up to your first yoga class with an open mind. You never know what aspects of class you’ll like best! All yoga teachers have a different approach, and if you enjoy your time on the mat, you’ll want to practice with many different instructors to find the best fit for you. Don’t be afraid to try that tricky-looking pose, to modify poses to fit your needs, or to chant “OM” loudly with the group! You’ll never know what works for you unless you try it all!

4. Sit in the middle of the room.

One of the best tips for yoga newbies is to sit somewhere in the middle of the room during your first class. That way you’ll have other yogis in front, behind, and on all sides of you in case you need help understanding the way a pose is supposed to look. Most instructors will walk around the room and offer adjustments and assistance if need be, so don’t worry about sitting right up front. Give yourself plenty of room and don’t be afraid to ask for help!

5. Be kind to yourself.

Above all, be kind to yourself before, during, and after your first yoga class! It can be very intimidating signing up for something new, and you’ve already done a great job by expressing interest. Even the most disciplined yogi is never through with their yoga journey. Yoga is an ongoing practice, and you can’t fail because each person’s practice is their own. Continue showing up to class and you will thrive!

Chasing Nirvana Yoga offers on-site yoga classes for employers, landlords, building owners, and every organization in between. To request more information, please visit www.chasingnirvanayoga.com.

How to help employees make the most of summer

summer flowers

Suddenly, we’re in the latter half of summer. It’s unclear how this lovely season always flies by while the winter months drag on for ages, but it seems like Labor Day will be here before we know it.

As you reflect on June and July, you should ask yourself if you’ve been providing your employees with summer perks. You can’t just rely on outdated benefits like vacation time and salary anymore to attract and retain top talent. In order to stay competitive in today’s job market, companies must offer opportunities for staff to socialize, stay healthy and enjoy being at work more.

Before Q3 comes to a close, consider adding one of these three summer benefits to your workplace. Let your employees know that you care about their happiness and that you’re just as good as the start-up down the block.

Summer Fridays

With each passing summer, I hear the term “Summer Friday” thrown around more and more. According to Inc.com, almost 50 percent of businesses now offer Summer Friday hours. With a summer Friday policy, the office closes a few hours early every Friday afternoon so employees have time to enjoy sunshine, fresh air and summer fun. Just how early staff is allowed to leave can depend on the industry, as some businesses have client meetings, deadlines or other timely factors that can affect early dismissal. Even if you can’t close the office before 5 p.m. every Friday, consider letting employees go early -- in the name of summer -- once or twice before autumn arrives.

Outdoor Yoga Classes

Have you ever walked by a public park and seen yogis meditating on the grass? Did it look like they were having fun? Treating your team to an afternoon of outdoor yoga is a great way to encourage them to get outside and stay fit. With our on-site yoga classes in New York, NY, and on-site yoga classes in Boston, MA, we can bring yoga and meditation right to your local green space. Whether you have an office campus with a grassy area or you invite everyone to a nearby park or soccer field, we can bring yoga mat rentals and a certified yoga instructor to your team. Plus, the physical and mental benefits of yoga are endless, and you can even help employees be more productive on the job.

outdoor group yoga

Brewery Meet-Up

Summer is the perfect time to hit up breweries in the area, as many of them have outdoor patios that aren’t open once the temperature drops. While you have the chance, sponsor a company event or simply organize a meet-up where employees can sip craft beers, mingle with their coworkers and enjoy fresh air. There’s nothing like spending a summer evening outside, so consider contacting some of the breweries in your area to find out if you can reserve a space for your staff.

Bring on-site yoga, early dismissal days and social events to your workplace, so your employees can make the most of summer. Don’t hesitate to contact Chasing Nirvana Yoga if you want to offer on-site yoga classes as a corporate wellness perk!