Real estate news: Suburban office sales on the rise

office windows

While downtown offices will always be popular with businesses, investors developing office buildings are looking to suburban real estate properties more frequently. According to this article from Bisnow, suburban office sales made up 63% of total office sales in 2017.

The suburbs have several factors working in their favor at the moment — more available land on which to build, cheaper rents for office occupiers, strong live-work-play synergy for aging millennials looking to start families, stellar public transit options and an abundance of value-add opportunities that, with the right amenities assortment, could generate strong yields.
— Bisnow

Amenities like on-site yoga classes can make suburban office buildings more attractive, as offering soft benefits that focus on employee wellness becomes even more popular. By providing tenant amenities such as yoga and meditation with Chasing Nirvana Yoga, your property will be more attractive to businesses looking to rent suburban office space.