3 ways to be more mindful at work

When you think about mindfulness, you probably associate it with inner peace and relaxation. When you think about work, you likely have an entirely different mental image. Although working and finding mindfulness don’t seem to match, it’s easier than you think for them to exist in harmony. If you’re looking for new ways to practice self care, make workplace mindfulness a priority and goal.

Not sure how to bring yourself and your thoughts totally into the moment during your weekday nine-to-five gig? Start with these three easy steps.

Think mindful thoughts

Putting positive thoughts out into world brings light and love back to you. That’s why choosing a daily mantra or affirmation to focus on can change your whole day around. It’s easy for small issues at work to feel bigger and more stressful than they need to be when you get sucked into the negativity of the situation. When you have an inspirational, mindfulness-focused affirmation to guide you through the ups and downs of work, you will remember to let the little things go and hone in on your overarching professional goals. Simply write your chosen mantra down and take a couple seconds to repeat it to yourself as the day goes on. Soon, you'll be thinking it without even trying. A few affirmations to consider are:

By focusing in the present, I create enormous mental clarity in my life.

- Each day is fresh and new.

- As I exhale, I release old energy that held me back.

- As I inhale, I draw in new energy to move me forward.

Desk-side deep breathing

There are times when you need to find your center at work in the moment; you just can’t wait for yoga class that evening. You don’t have to be in workout clothes and sitting on a mat to be aware and mindful of your breathing. Actively turn your thoughts to the air flowing in and out of your lungs, and temporarily block out the everyday stressors around you. Looking away from the computer and dedicating a few moments to deep inhales and exhales throughout the day can help you stay calm and balanced.

On-site yoga & meditation classes

If your job offers on-site fitness and wellness classes, you have the perfect opportunity to practice pause during work. Even if accommodating yoga and meditation classes means staying an extra half hour at the end of the day, you’ll find the break to be rewarding. You’ll be more productive if you leave your desk for a bit, clear your head and move your body.

Interested in a workplace wellness program that includes on-site yoga and meditation classes? Talk to us about the services we offer at Chasing Nirvana Yoga!