Encourage employees to take breaks in exchange for a more focused team

yoga class

Do you notice your employees working long hours and checking client emails during off hours? Do you encourage this non-stop work mindset? While it's natural to want to maximize the woman/manpower you have, it's actually more beneficial to insist your staff take breaks to exercise, rest, socialize and disconnect from technology.


Mounting scientific evidence confirms that contemplative practices such as mindfulness, meditation, and yoga improve mental and physical health. These opportunities...can help workers de-stress, renew focus and attention, and feel refreshed throughout a long workday.
— Training Mag

Prevent your employees from getting becoming exhausted and apathetic by urging them to alternate between working and relaxing. Whether this means providing on-site pilates classes or nap pods like some start-ups do, encouraging your team to take breaks can help them be more productive during the time they are working. When people are burned out on work, they are simply more likely to lose focus and make mistakes.

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