salesforce's Top Floor Amenity

salesforce's Top Floor Amenity

“I would like to think that more companies [will] lean away from formal office environments and focus instead on more collaborative environments that foster individuality and inspire employees,” Pinkham said. “We will be very focused on the journey to use our real estate to inspire our employees, engage with the local community and ensure the overall experience is a reflection of our brand and our values.”

Corporate Wellness: Get Your Namaste On

Marrying the corporate and wellness worlds, Lyndsey Morash started a couple business ventures based on her experiences as an employee and a yoga enthusiast.

After a brief flirtation with yoga in college (I mostly stuck with child’s pose and joked with my friends in the corner of the studio), I finally went to another yoga class this weekend. My yoga-teaching older sister bought me a few classes at a local studio as a birthday present. “Get your namaste on!” she wrote. It was very sweet.

It was also very sweaty. Hot yoga takes a lot out of you. A 150-degree room (all right, fine, I’m definitely exaggerating), and a limited amount of space to fit all these mats and people. I learned a few things: 1) put a bath towel on your mat, and your hands won’t slip on the mat when you’re trying to do downward facing dog; 2) child’s pose is still my best friend; and 3) it’s a lovely way to relax. And simple.

I’m not quite sure when the yoga trend started in the United States, but it’s pretty stellar that so many people are interested in working on things like meditation, focus, balance and strength. As an amateur, I personally found value as a stress reliever. I’ve also read a lot in the past few months about the impact stress has on the workplace and the rise of corporate wellness programs to manage that stress.


The other day I spoke with Lyndsey Morash, founder of Chasing Nirvana Yoga in Boston. Her story is a good example of marrying the corporate and the wellness worlds. Back in 2012, she was working at a long-hour, high-stress job in Boston. Meanwhile, she also took classes to become a certified yoga instructor. Continue Reading the full article...

October 17, 2016 by Andie Burjek

Lesson 13: Strive

For those of you just tuning into the Friday posts, I read this article recently and thought it was an interesting read, I am going to share it with you slowly over the next 20 weeks so tune in every Friday for the next bit of advice and feel free to go back to catch up:

"Here are some lessons I've learned in the last 80 years. I hope to continue to practice them in the next 80...

13. At the beginning of every year think of ways you can do your job better than you have ever done it before. Write them down and look at what you have set out for yourself when the year is over.

Strive....strive to be better, strive to be stronger. Always push yourself and be challenged. A spin instructor I like always says "If you don't feel uncomfortable, you're not changing". Live on your edge to be the best you!