The Wellness Factor: What’s Driving Commercial Real Estate


It’s no secret that millennials make up most of today’s workforce. We’ve talked about it before, but a recent Commercial Property Executive article notes that they account for 75% of the workplace. Furthermore, the quality of the working environment is important to 81% of these folks.

But what do millennials look for in their work environment? It looks like the days of wall-to-wall cubicles and traditional 9-to-5 hours are evolving into something entirely new. Now, today’s workforce want their offices to reflect their life values, and as we’ve reported before, these values revolve quite a bit around health. Commercial real estate professionals seeking top talent absolutely need to keep these factors into consideration. 

Top talent is seeking state-of-the-art amenities like coworking spaces, tech-savvy environments, fitness facilities, and more. Tenants want to attract talented candidates from the moment they set foot in the building. One way to do this is through wellness amenities.
— Commercial Property Executive

The global wellness real estate sector is now worth $134 billion. Though designing commercial spaces to suit wellness amenities can be time-consuming and expensive, according to the article, it’s well worth it. Bringing wellness programs on-site promote tighter-knit communities, higher retention rates, competitive spirit, and happiness. So, CRE professionals … does the risk outweigh the reward for you? 

Read the rest of the Commercial Property Executive article here. What health factors would you like to see incorporated into a traditional commercial property? Let us know in the comments!

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