5 Ways to Start Prospering Today


Did you know it only takes about two months to form a behavior into a habit? That’s right, and you can begin the process today! If you start with a few good habits, it will be that much easier to start prospering in your career, your personal life, and beyond. Here are five ways to start prospering today.


1. Get up early.

Even getting up an hour earlier every morning will give you a little more time to relax before work. Starting off on a calm note will help you maintain that attitude throughout the rest of the day. You can use this time to go to the gym, to sit down and eat breakfast, to read the newspaper, or to simply sit down and catch your bearings. Try it for a week and see how you feel!


2. Prioritize your health.

Treating your body right is the best way to quickly prosper in every area of your life! Take a look at your diet and begin adding nutritious options to your grocery list. Start a regular exercise schedule, even if it’s just for a half hour a day. Consider beginning a meditation practice to boost your mental health. There’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first, because when you’re healthy, you’ll have much more energy to focus on your goals.


3. Try something new.

Is there an activity you’ve always wanted to try? Why not give it a go today? Whether it’s a new yoga class, a restaurant, or a trip out of state, make a plan and let yourself enjoy it! If you go outside of your norm, you never know who you’ll meet. Consider it a networking opportunity, or at the very least, a memory made!


4. Read three new books.

If you truly want to prosper, make it a point to never stop learning. One of the easiest ways to expand your knowledge is to read a good book. If you really want to challenge yourself, head to the book store and pick out three new books. The content doesn’t matter, as long as it is of interest to you! See what you learn and how you can translate it into your everyday life.


5. Write down your short- and long-term goals.

If you don’t have a road map, you’ll never know how far you’ve traveled. Make it a point to write down your short- and long-term goals and re-adjust as necessary. Your short-term goals may be those you wish to achieve over the coming weeks or months, and your long-term goals can be those you hope to reach over the years. Once you reach one of your goals, be sure to celebrate!

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