5 Office-Friendly Plants That Promote Good Health

Millennials have spoken, and wellness is not only a priority in the workplace. It’s a necessity. Thankfully, employers are listening and are beginning to offer more and more wellness amenities to meet their needs. Even office design is trending in this direction. A Harvard study found that office design plays a big role in career success and overall well-being. It examined ten high-performing buildings across five US cities and found those who worked in green-certified offices (indicating the level of environmental friendliness) had a 26% boost in cognition, 30% fewer sickness related absences, and a 6% rise in their sleep quality.

If your office is not green-certified, there are plenty of ways you can do your part, starting with bringing a little nature to your desk. Plants have notable healing qualities, and besides … who doesn’t want a little friend to keep them company at work?! 

Here are five office-friendly plants that promote good health.

1. Succulents


Succulents are super low-maintenance, needing a good soaking only about once a week. There are many different varieties in both green and vibrant colors, so choose what suits you! Succulents are known to help purify air and improve humidity. They can also improve your focus, and some studies even suggest they can increase pain tolerance when they are nearby! You can find plenty of succulent choices at your local garden center. 

2. English Ivy

English Ivy

English Ivy will grow as long as you let it, so if you have a lot of desk space, this is the perfect plant to add! They will grow in low light but do best in bright, indirect light. English Ivy has been shown to reduce indoor mold counts and can help alleviate airborne toxins. This plant is especially helpful for people with allergies because it is anti-inflammatory, antiarthritic, and antioxidant. You can breathe easy with English Ivy on your side!

3. Aloe


Aloe is an incredible plant with many health properties. You may know it best for its help with sunburns and skin injuries, but that’s not all aloe helps with. Aloe has antioxidant and antibacterial properties that can inhibit growth of bad bacteria that causes infections in humans. You can even ingest aloe for potential digestion benefits, use it as a mouthwash, and swap out your standard pain reliever for its gel. Be sure to discuss topical or supplemental use of aloe with your doctor to see if it’s right for you! 

4. Philodendron


Pilodendrons are another low-maintenance plant that are commonly used in the house, which makes them perfect for your office building! They are also very adaptable to change. Philodendrons are one of the best plants for purifying the air. They are even NASA-approved as a means of providing purer and cleaner air for space stations!

5. Bamboo


Bamboo plants are prominent in Zen gardens, so this is reason enough to keep one on your desk for peace and tranquility at work. This long, woody grass is resilient and quite nutritional as well as beautiful – it’s a rich source of amino acids, phosphorous, dietary fiber, magnesium, protein, iron, potassium, copper, selenium, vitamin B1, nicotinic acid, calcium, zinc, sodium, riboflavin, carotene, and essential minerals. 

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