Office Trends for 2019 Include a Renewed Approach to Wellness

Office Trends 2019

Office culture is constantly evolving, and ever since millennials took the workplace by storm, employers have trended in a number of directions: allowing employees to work from home, encouraging continued education, and incorporating amenities to stand out from the competition. But what’s new for 2019? Are we in for more of the same?

So far, it’s looking like employers aren’t straying away from previous years’ trends, but rather building off them. Employee retention is still a growing concern (the average job stay is now 2.9 years!). Employers are now offering more and branching out in unique ways to create a memorable office experience.

Yanko Design, an online magazine dedicated to covering the best in international product design, has already mapped out its workplace trend predictions for 2019. Some of them include:

  • A greater focus on social and emotional intelligence

  • Embracing automation

  • Education continuing to be encouraged

  • A surge in mentoring programs

  • A renewed approach to wellness


We’ve been following the last point for years – it’s why we started as a remote yoga studio in the first place! In a January 20, 2015 article by USA Today reporter Bruce Horowitz, which surveyed more than 30,000 consumers in more than 60 nations, it was revealed that younger consumers are far more concerned about everything from food ingredients, genetically modified food, and organic foods, than previous generations. An emphasis on health and wellness is becoming commonplace in the office now, and by offering related amenities, employers are giving the millennial workforce exactly what they’re looking for.

Companies will be hyper-aware of their employees’ well-being than ever before in 2019. Not only does this mean implementing a health-focused culture that supports productivity, but modeling the open-floor plan to be more conducive to the need for quiet. Next year, we’ll see more of emphasis on mental wellbeing as correctives for noisy and privacy-lacking open plan offices, and biophilia is incorporated into spaces to restore, relax and revive workers. Incorporating greenery seems obvious, but increased awareness of biophilic design’s positive impact on wellbeing is framing these new workspace needs.
— Yanko Design

Check out Yanko Design’s article on office trend predictions for 2019 here. Chasing Nirvana Yoga offers on-site health and wellness classes to break up the standard 9 to 5 workday. Our yoga classes help employers differentiate themselves from the competition, employees reduce stress, and the office feel like a welcoming communal space. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please visit us online at