Gen Z is Entering the Workplace – Here’s What You Need to Know

Gen Z Workplace

Gen Z. Noun. Definition: Individuals born in the mid-1990s and mid-2000s. Use it in a sentence? “Gen Z is officially entering the workplace.” Yikes!

With every new generation comes a new way of thinking. Gen Z-ers were born in the prime technology era and never lived without the internet. This makes connectivity a must. These digital thinkers are independent and entrepreneurial, and they are already changing the way offices look and feel.

Workplace leaders are getting creative in the office to attract Gen Z employees, and workplace change is happening at a lightning-fast pace. Many leaders are modeling their office spaces after college campuses, notorious for collaborative spaces that embrace conversation and overall wellness.

When leaders can deliver work environments that support their teams’ best work, they can improve productivity and profitability. By looking at college campuses now, workplace leaders can be ready to give the next wave of fresh talent what it wants: a tech-driven, free-flowing environment. So why not give it a try? The next generation will thank you for it!
— Work Design Magazine

Health benefits are an important amenity many workplace leaders are focusing on. College campuses in particular are designed to support students in fitness, mindfulness, and nutritional offerings, and to cater to more students, many campuses area adding mental health services like meditation and counseling.

When Gen Z graduates from school to work, they will bring with them these fond collegiate memories of good health and wellness—and if one workplace can’t deliver it, many will move along until they find another that does.
— Work Design Magazine


This article from Work Design Magazine is a great start for workplace leaders looking to learn from higher ed and craft office spaces that appeal to Gen Z employees. Interested in bringing corporate yoga to your office? Connect with Chasing Nirvana Yoga today! We offer custom plans to meet your needs and cater to all generations and skill levels.