The Race to Hire Top Talent is On, and Office Design Might Be the Secret

Office Yoga.jpeg

Now that the job market is on the uprise, employers are doing everything they can to attract and retain top talent, but they’re learning that traditional methods just aren’t enough anymore. With so many options available to job-seekers, it’s the perks a business offers that can make or break a deal. Landlords in larger cities recognize this and are now allowing tenants the option to customize their floorplans to offer the best amenities to their employees.

If you think about it, 10 years ago, when you were applying for a job, no one thinks about free lunches, and no one thinks about a bowling alley in their lobby, and no one thinks about a studio in your own space with oak floors, and now it’s the thing.
— Shutterstock Head of Global Facilities and Operations Razia Ferdousi-Meyer

We’ve talked about the benefits of yoga in the workplace. Now may be the perfect time to add a studio space or a meditation room to your office! Read more from Bisnow about the recent flood of office development in New York City, San Francisco, and more and how landlords are going to great lengths – and expense – to offer their tenants the best amenities they can.