WeWork moves to managing businesses on site


When blossoming companies and small businesses look for offices space to rent, WeWork is there. Although WeWork has been operating with a traditional lessor-lessee model by providing businesses with full-service office suites to rent, it's moving into the on-site amenity realm. This new business model involves less risk for WeWork because they don't have to make the initial real estate investment in property.

WeWork has mainly worked with small and start-up businesses in the past. Going forward, WeWork plans to target companies with 1,000+ employees. Companies large and small will be interested in WeWork services because WeWork has gathered a wealth of data about how to provide job satisfaction and use workplace design to make an office -- and therefore a company -- more desirable. WeWork uses a super efficient and proprietary program internally to manage its properties that can be scaled to streamline business operations for companies.

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