Job Hunting is a Business, and You Now Need to Compete for Your Employees

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Just as products have to compete for customers, employers now need to compete for their employees. Have you heard the term, “job shopping”? It’s becoming a common practice among job seekers. Since the labor market is in a decent place and there are many opportunities available, job seekers have the ability to pick and choose which company they will sign with – and the companies with the best amenities are swiftly becoming the top choice.

A paycheck, a decent benefits package and paid vacation aren’t enough to win today’s job shoppers anymore. The most sought-after candidates expect (and can get) meaning in their work, a supportive, collaborative environment, and an employer that matches the lifestyle they want to enjoy. In a labor market as tight as this, your organization needs a message that resonates with your best candidates.
— Gallup

What does your employment brand look like? Thanks to online sites like Glassdoor, what happens in the office does not stay in the office, and many brands are using this as another opportunity to appeal to a potential employer base. As an employer, you must relay your brand proposition constantly to attract the right employees, and you must deliver an exceptional employee experience!


Employees must be continually “re-recruited” by their employer throughout their career. And when it’s time for an employee and employer to part ways, a great employee experience can last longer than the job. Employees should exit organizations feeling appreciated for their contributions and proud to be part of the alumni network. This can be a pivotal moment for an employment brand, because exiting employees can have a big impact on their work friends, customers and potential employees.
— Gallup

This article from Gallup offers some great advice on how to offer an exceptional employee experience by building a genuine culture. We’ve seen this in action at many of the offices we work with. Those who place emphasis on what their employees find valuable, such as their health, truly feel like they’re going above and beyond. Poll your employees and see what they’re looking for. Trust us … it’ll make all the difference.

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