Six Workplace Amenities Your Tenants Are Asking For

Considering people spend 40 hours (or more) at the office each week, it’s amazing that so many buildings are still providing only the bare essentials. For today’s tenants, an eye-pleasing workplace is not enough. They expect amenities that make their office a pleasant workspace and that help them achieve work-life balance—and maybe even true Zen. (Disclaimer: existential revelations not guaranteed.) From initially setting up an office, to receiving ongoing business support, to having someone to run personal errands, here are the six top amenities and services that your tenants are looking for—and how you can bring them to the space you’re leasing.

Custom Furnishings and Space Design: Nothing triggers a mental checkout more than an uncomfortable chair, cramped space or the unbearable presence of the color beige. The office of the future is a place that feels custom and modern, with unique and comfortable furniture, a color palette and décor that blows your mind (without hurting your eyes), and innovations like whiteboard paint and stand-up desks.

Administrative Support: Everyone’s busy, and it’s becoming more common that people miss lunch because they can’t find the time to step out to their local Chipotle, or fail to complete a presentation or notarize a document before an important meeting. If they don’t have an executive assistant, tenants are looking for someone to help them handle all the small things so they can focus on what matters. 

IT and Cabling Help: Every business needs to be tech-savvy to stay at the top of its game and not be left in the dust. But let’s be honest: setting up everything can be a head-scratching hassle, and no one wants to spend two hours connecting and disconnecting wires while there’s work to be done. Tenants want someone with expertise to handle IT and cable setup, data connection, voice, application setup and management, and ongoing IT support.

Marketing and Social Media Help: Social media can make or break a company, reaching Millennials and others who would otherwise never hear of them. Some companies are hiring staff to handle their Twitter and Facebook accounts and update their websites. But many businesses don’t have the time or expertise—and just want someone else to take care of it.

Travel Support: Whether it’s for business or pleasure, traveling can be a pain between out-of-date passports, hotel and rental car bookings, and making sure there’s enough time to get through security. Tenants want someone to take care of the details—and get them access to the best rates and reservations, so they can rest easy and focus on the real purpose of their trip. Or at least be a little less tense when they have to deal with the TSA.

Running Errands: Everyone knows that daunting feeling of having a long to-do list at home after a full day at the office. It’s like having two jobs. Today’s tenants are looking for easy ways to shop, make dinner reservations, pick up the dry cleaning, and handle chores like walking the dog. 

To stand out from the crowd and attract tenants, your building should provide a seamless, synced-up lifestyle that supports the modern business. Carr Workplaces can help bring these amenities to your office spaces, with its extensive line of WorkReady services. If you’d like to check them out, click here.

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