5 Ways Offices Need to Change to Stay Relevant


An increasing number of companies are realizing the importance of spontaneous and face-to-face communications and have begun to rethink their work space and telecommuting policies. Leading companies are viewing their workplace as a tool to foster company culture and innovation, and high-performing employees are attracted to workplaces that inspire big ideas. Workers have realized that working from home leads to social exclusion and missed opportunities, so for career advancement, being visible is key.    Offices are seeking ways to celebrate and enhance the office, in addition to encouraging off-sites and retreats. Communication and collaboration are critical to productivity, efficient workflows and high-quality deliverables. Companies like IBM, Bank of America, Yahoo and Aetna have realized that when workers conduct their business remotely, they are not as effective. Productivity improves between 20% and 25% in organizations with connected employees, according to the McKinsey Global Institute. We caught up with Better Spaces’ Adin Meir to learn about five things offices should prioritize to reactivate their spaces, engage employees and inspire people to make the commute every day.

1) Community

2) Mindfulness

3) Nutrition

4) Outdoor Space

5) Air Quality

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