2017 workplace trends that will continue to thrive in 2018

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A new calendar year always feels like it should bring revolutionary changes. While setting goals for the new year and looking forward to how life will transform throughout the upcoming 365 days is an excellent way to propel yourself into 2018, not everything goes through dramatic shifts when January comes around.

This concept applies to more than just you own resolutions and benchmarks; it relates to trends across an array of industries as well. In 2017, we saw companies put more focus on implementing wellness programs, cutting healthcare costs, improving employee health and providing a personalized experience for their staff. Some of these 2017 workplace trends are just starting to garner the attention and support they deserve, meaning the evolution toward more health-focused and employee-centered work spaces is far from over. Check out these five trends we discussed in 2017 that are going to continue growing in popularity in 2018.

1. Offering flexible working benefits
Employees are looking for companies that provide options and benefits that make life easier. Some perks that are still rising in popularity include the ability to telecommute, casual dress codes and flexible time-off policies like unlimited PTO.

2. Investing in on-site wellness programs
Help your employees stay fit and healthy with wellness programs right at the office. On-site yoga and meditation classes can give your team the exercise and relaxation they need, and they won’t even have to leave the building!

3. Looking more critically at healthcare costs
Companies are trying to keep up with the healthcare landscape as nationwide guidelines shift. As a result, many businesses are turning their attention to reducing healthcare costs by encouraging healthy lifestyles and fitness, rather than adjusting insurance plans.

4. Providing a personalized employee experience
Startup culture isn’t just for Silicon Valley anymore. More and more companies are incorporating flexible work spaces, standing desks and office amenities like game and relaxation rooms into their office layouts to make being at work feel less like a job.

5. Focusing on mental health
The stigma associated with discussing mental health and wellbeing in the workplace has started to fade, leading many companies to actively support their employees’ mental health. This can be done by adding “mental health days” to standard benefits and offering more coverage for therapy appointments. If you bring on-site meditation and yoga classes to the office, you can directly help your team manage their stress and anxiety.

By putting attention and resources into any of these five continuing workplace trends, you’ll show current and potential employees alike that your company is there to support its personnel. And when you boost and bolster your reputation as an employee-centric business, attracting and retaining staff will be easier than ever.