Lesson 12: Extend Kindness

For those of you just tuning into the Friday posts, I read this article recently and thought it was an interesting read, I am going to share it with you slowly over the next 20 weeks so tune in every Friday for the next bit of advice and feel free to go back to catch up:

"Here are some lessons I've learned in the last 80 years. I hope to continue to practice them in the next 80...

12. When someone extends a kindness to you write them a handwritten note, not an email. Handwritten notes make an impact and are not quickly forgotten.

This is something my mom always encouraged and we actually have a very close friend who makes a point to write a certain number of thank you cards a year. It's thoughtful and my husband and I always love when we get them. He writes them for the big things but more importantly he writes them for the small things and it makes you realize that the small things matter.