Lesson 1: You can change the World!

I read this article recently and thought it was an interesting read, I am going to share it with you slowly over the next 20 weeks so tune in every Friday for the next bit of advice:

"Here are some lessons I've learned in the last 80 years. I hope to continue to practice them in the next 80...

1. Concentrate on finding a big idea that will make an impact on the people you want to influence. The Ten Surprises, which I started doing in 1986, has been a defining product. People all over the world are aware of it and identify me with it. What they seem to like about it is that I put myself accountable at year-end. If you want to be successful and live a long, stimulating life, keep yourself at risk intellectually all the time."

For me, Chasing Nirvana is my dream, it's my big idea that keeps me busy but keeps me stimulated and excited. It gets me up every morning and encourages me forward because I have a dream that I've put into action to bring yoga based wellness into the workplace.

What's your big idea? How are you planning to impact the world? What do you have to offer? We all have something special, we all have dreams and ideas, what are yours?