Teacher Feature Friday

Way back in high school I chose yoga for my PE elective. I was never into team sports. The best thing I got out of that class was the relaxation at the end. In the years to follow I did a yoga class here and there. But then decades later I had the opportunity to work as an office manager at a yoga studio. I could go every day! And that is when I fell in love with yoga. I love how my body feels holding the poses, I love that I can take care and protect my body with yoga poses. I appreciate the fluidity in my body. But most importantly, I received a lot of benefit from the ancient and modern yogic sages. All their wisdom provides me with tools to get me through the little and the big going-ons in my life. I became a teacher to share all the benefits I received with others. For each of my students I provide a non-judgemental, safe environment to practice yoga. I encourage them to find the right pose just for their body.