Yogi Throat Comfort Tea is a Must!

Ugh... who even gets sick in the summer?! Apparently I do because over the weekend I developed a sore throat, which then turned into a cold, which then turned into a full blown fever, which has left me on the couch without energy! I expect the common cold to knock me off my feet when it's winter time and cold out, but 85 degrees and sunny? Come on! 

Despite me being tired and feeling yucky, I did discover one good thing in all of this! It's the Yogi Throat Comfort Tea! I'm a big fan of Yogi teas, but since I don't get sick often, I've never had a reason to try this particular flavor. Not only is it quite yummy, but it actually soothes my sore throat, better than cough drops and lemon water. Plus it's all natural and all organic! I would highly, highly recommend this tea for anyone out there who is like me and gets sick in the summer! For those of you who are nice and healthy right now, keep this tea in mind come winter because it has certainly been a HUGE help to ease some discomfort on my road to recovery!