Benefits of Yoga in the Workplace

There seems to be a movement amongst companies to encourage their employees to live a happier and healthier life. With the work days becoming longer and more stressful, many companies offer healthy-living related benefits. For example, some companies pay for their employees gym memberships or offer on site amenities, like yoga classes (which is of course, what we do!). These onsite yoga classes can help improve productivity amongst employees and increase mental clarity, making the company overall more efficient.

An article recently published by identified four major benefits of on-site yoga classes:

1. Convenience -- I think we can all relate to having a busy schedule and a hectic life at some time or another, which is why on-site yoga classes at work can be a HUGE convenience for employees. Between long hours in the office and balancing life at home, physical health and wellness is often one of the first things that is forgotten about or pushed aside. Overtime, forgetting about your body's health can get a little out of control, leaving your mind and body to fatigue and decrease your overall energy at work and home. Yoga in the workplace allows employees to get their workout in without having to leave the premise so they can go on living a healthy life!

2. Stress -- Yoga offers a way to destress, which is one of my personal favorite things about the practice. Yoga requires you to focus on your breathe and your stretch, which distracts the mind from thinking about the stressful day you've had or the stress that lies ahead. By offering yoga in the workplace, employees can focus on their breath and stretch as a little midday distraction so they feel rejuvenated and more productive at work.

3. Health -- Stress is the leading cause of chronic illness which ultimately leads to employees taking sick days and the company spending more on health costs (insurance). Offering on-site yoga will encourage your employees to participate, reducing the likelihood of chronic illness and the company dollar! Healthy employees = higher work productivity. 

4. Bonding -- Onsite yoga classes allow employees to talk and interact with one another in a stress free environment. Yoga is a great way to network and it provides a challenging but fun way to spend time with coworkers. 

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