Homemade Green Tea Body Scrub

Last weekend was my besties bridal shower and we did a tea party theme. I wanted to keep the prizes for the shower games in line with the theme and I wanted them to be something people would actually use and not just throw away.  Last fall, I was given a pumpkin body scrub at my cousin’s shower and thought, wow what a great idea! So for my besties we went with an organic Green Tea Sugar Scrub. We made them probably a month ahead of time, jarred them in these cute little baby mason jars and stored them at room temp. I finally got to try it out after the shower and I LOVED IT! The sugar was the perfect texture. It needed a little stirring to redistribute the liquids but my skin felt baby soft after use.

What you’ll need:

● 1 Cup Organic Sugar

● 1⁄8 Cup brewed decaf organic green tea

● 1 packet of tea unbrewed ­ empty out the tea leaves from packet

● 1⁄8 Cup grapeseed oil


1. Mix all the ingredients together adding liquids slowly to sugar as you stir

2. Texture should resemble wet sand

Inspired by: http://livingchiconthecheap.com/green­tea­sugar­scrub/