Forty-One Ways for You to Use Coconut Oil

I am a HUGE coconut oil fan and try to substitute it for anything I can, so you can imagine my excitement when I found a Boston Magazine article listing 41 – yes, you read that correctly (forty-one!!!!) – ways to use coconut oil. I tried many of them this past weekend and fell in love with coconut oil all over again. I just had to share the numerous ways with all of you so you can try them yourselves, but to get the full article (and specific directions for how to actually apply the coconut oil in all the different ways), check out

Using coconut oil in your hair:

1.     Hair Conditioner

2.     Reduce Static

3.     Tame Frizz and Fly-Aways

4.     Prevent Lice

5.     Fix a Flaky Scalp (Dandruff)

6.     Rid Split Ends

7.     Groom Your Beard (see, men can use it too!)

8.     Prevent Hair Loss and Improve Hair Growth

Using coconut oil for your skin:

9.     Moisturizer

10.  Lip Balm

11.  Condition Cuticles

12.  Shaving Cream

13.  Sooth Dry Nostrils

14.  Sunburn Relief

15.  Natural Deodorant

16.  Exfoliator

17.  Wrinkle Prevention

18.   Heal Bug Bites, Bruises and Scrapes

19.  Clear Acne

20.  Soothe Skin Problems and Rashes

21.  Makeup Remover

Using coconut oil in your mouth:

22.  Oil-Pilling

23.  Homemade Toothpaste

Using coconut oil in your food:

24.  Coffee Creamer

25.  Butter/ Oil replacement

26.  Energy Boost

27.  Preserve Shelf Life of Eggs

Using coconut oil for illness:

28.  Soothe a Sore Throat

29.  Calm a Cough

30.  Clear Congestion

Using coconut oil around the house:

31.  Spot and Stain Remover

32.  Leather Cleaner

33.  Furniture Polish

34.  Small Motor Lubricant

35.  Sticker, Label, and Gum Removal

36.  Retainer and Mouth Guard Cleanser

37.  Season Cast iron Pans

38.  Grease Bicycle Chains and Garden Tools

39.  Clean the Grill

40.  Detail Your Car

41.  Fire Starter