How to Stay Healthy During Wedding Season (even if you're short on time)!

We are quickly approaching "wedding season," which undoubtedly means lots of yummy drinks, food, and cake! Unfortunately, along with yummy-ness of weddings, comes unwanted pounds if you're not careful! So how can you stay healthy during pre-wedding parties (bachelor and bachelorette parties), the wedding itself (who doesn't love cake?), and finally post-wedding (the period of time you have before your next scheduled wedding)? Follow some of these suggestions:

  1. Pick your drinks wisely - Drinks like daiquiris and beer are quite tasty, but loaded with sugar, carbs, and calories! Go for a simple vodka-tonic with lemon, mojito, or champagne. 
  2. Pack healthy snacks - Granola bars, fruit, or dark chocolate are always great snacks to have on hand so you're not tempted to purchase an unhealthy cookie or brownie.
  3. Suggest a fun group workout or healthy cooking class as part of the weekend itinerary - A class is a fun thing for everyone to do together and keeping it healthy is even better.
  4. Have a glass of water in between each drink - Not only will the water help you with the hangover the next day (you'll be more hydrated), but it will keep you feeling fuller for longer so you're not tempted by that late-night pizza delivery.

Ultimately, it's important to enjoy the wedding season with friends and family, while being able to maintain your healthy lifestyle. And that's not to say you can't enjoy a little slice of that wedding cake!

Today's blog inspired by Women's Health Magazine.