It's Monday Again... Don't Stress!

It's Monday again, and I can't be the only one wishing we had just one more weekend day to enjoy the warmer weather and relax a bit. If you're already feeling a bit stressed out about this week, don't worry because you're not alone! Stress is almost inevitable and hard to avoid these days, but instead of letting stress get the best of you, make the best of you out of stress. What am I saying? When you're feeling a bit overwhelmed, view the stress as a challenge (show 'em who's boss)! Use the stress as a motivator to work harder, move faster, and conquer the day. I think a lot of times, stress formulates because we're worried about the future, instead of living in the present so the road seems daunting and we find ourselves overwhelmed. The only way to move past that icky feeling is to accept stress as a challenge. Where to begin? Begin by taking a deep breath... slowly in, and slowly out!