4-Week Plan to Stop Sugar Cravings

Don't get me wrong, I will be the first one to admit that I love sugar and have quite the sweet tooth. I often give in to my sugar cravings, despite knowing sugar is not part of a healthy lifestyle. In the past, I've attempted to cut added sugar out of my diet, but it's hard to stop "cold turkey." When I finally give into the sugar craving again, it tends to spiral out of control. In fact, the more sugar you feed your body, the more your body will crave the sugar (it's seriously an addition).

Going back to yesterday's post about nourishing your soul with the good and leaving the bad behind, I think it's time I leave sugar behind (for the most part). So here it is... I am going to take the challenge to cut sugar out of my diet and I want to encourage you to take the challenge with me! Using this four week plan, I know we can do it!

Week 1: Limit Sugar Portion Intake

  • Allow yourself to eat whatever goodies you want, with all the sugar you want, BUT limit yourself to one serving only. Instead of having 10 cookies or a whole chocolate bar, eat one or two cookies or chocolates. In addition, make sure you are eating 3-6 nutritious meals a day (depending on how you portion your meals) to prevent yourself from snacking on sugar throughout the day.

Week 2: No More Sweet Treats

  • Now it's time to cut out obviously sweet treats all together. This includes, candy, chocolate, cookies, cake, brownies, ice cream, etc. (I think you know what I'm talking about!) This will definitely be a difficult step, but when you get that sweet tooth, try snacking on some fruit so you get some natural sugars to satisfy the craving.

Week 3: Cut Down on the Sneaky, Hidden Sugars

  • Sugar is hiding in so many foods that we generally think of as being healthy (ie. fruit juices, flavored yogurt, granola bars, etc). Pay attention to the nutrition labels and try to choose options with minimal grams of sugar or no sugar at all. It may be difficult to cut sugar out entirely because of these sneaky foods, but as long as you are weary of the sugar content on the nutrition labels, that should help you to make some healthier choices!

Week 4: Finding the Right Balance for You

  • While cutting out sweets from your diet may be the ideal goal for many health nuts, it's not always realistic to cut out sugar entirely. Pasta once a week or cake once in a while to celebrate a birthday is completely fine! Just make sure to limit your portions and prevent yourself from falling back onto the slippery slope of having a constant sweet tooth!

Inspired by http://yesmissy.com/how-to-stop-sugar-cravings/