Four Portable Protein Snacks

Believe it or not, most of us don't get enough protein in our daily consumption. Although there are some wonderful sources of protein (ie. eggs), many of these sources can take time and effort to prepare, which many of us don't have a lot of! Take a look at these four quick and easy protein snacks that you can grab on the go! After all, protein is an important building block for bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood.

1. Luna and Clif Bars

  • Favored By: Runners, Yogis, Hikers, and all of us who couldn't get it together this morning.
  • Nutrition Perks: 10g of protein, high fiber, gluten free, kinda-sorta organic
  • Downside: First ingredient is sugar (brown sugar)
  • Why this?: Super easy eating (quickly whip it out to prevent getting hangry)
  • Cost: $1 - $2 each

2. Nuts

  • Favored By: Red Sox fans, Tom Brady, and squirrels. 
  • Nutrition Perks: High in protein, fiber, minerals, and unsaturated fat (plus it may prevent against heart disease, gallstones, and diabetes).
  • Downside: High fat, high in calories, and may be an allergy risk.
  • Why this?: Grabbing a handful of nuts is a perfect serving and easy to grab.
  • Cost: Some types of nuts can be expensive, but peanuts are cheap!

3. Greek Yogurt

  • Favored By: Professional athletes, Health nuts, and pretty much everyone else.
  • Nutrition Perks: Protein, live and active cultures, and probiotics for a happy belly (keeps you full too!).
  • Downside: Flavored yogurts have lots of added sugar.
  • Why this? Choose a non-fat plain greek yogurt and top it with nuts, seeds, or fruit.
  • Cost: $1 - $3 each

4. Protein Powder

  • Favored By: Macho-men, Superwoman, Hercules, and cardio-fanatics
  • Nutrition Perks: Easy to digest and obviously lots of protein.
  • Downside: Can be high in sugar and mysterious additives
  • Why this?: Can help boost strength and muscle size.
  • Cost: Can actually be kind of expensive, but can be found cheaper on Amazon.