Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Coconut Oil, in my view, is a legit cure all, do all - love it! You can cook with it, bake with it, lather it on as moisturizer and even use it in your hair. For awhile I used it as a moisturizer. Before shutting off the shower, I would step out of the flow of water and lather the oil all over my body while I was still wet and then gently towel off. Another use, and one of my favorites, is to use it as a hair mask. I like to do it on Sunday's because I don't teach morning classes on Monday's and can take my time in the shower. 

How I use Coconut Oil as a Hair Mask

On Sunday nights, I only shampoo my hair, no conditioner. With my hair still sopping wet, I take a scoop of coconut oil which i keep in my shower and spread it into my hair. I start at the roots and work my way down. I then towel dry my hair and wrap it in a towel. One time, I did not wrap my hair in a towel and just used a rubber band to keep it up and my cat came over and started licking my hair. Now I always use the towel - lol. I sleep with the coconut oil in my hair. The next morning I jump in the shower to rinse it out. The key here is that you have to SHAMPOO IT TWICE. Both times work up a good lather and leave the lather in while you do something else like wash your face. Then shampoo again, working up a good lather and wash your body, shave your legs, etc before washing out the second round of shampoo. DO NOT CONDITION!  Squeeze out your hair - it will literally feel squeeky clean! If you blow dry and it looks a little greasy, you'll know that next time you may need a third round of shampoo but for me, two works. My hair feels so so soft, it has body, and I generally don't have to wash it again for a day or two. I will however throw in some home made dry shampoo the following day  - recipe coming soon!