Nutty Life Review

In one word....Delicious!

Caroline and I were both teaching yoga at the same gym which is where I came across her Nutty Life business and obsession. I consider her my modern day milk maid as she personally takes your order and delivers directly to your door. May that door be at home, at work or anywhere else, she comes to you. So far I have devoured a large bottle of pumpkin cashew and a small bottle of chocolate cashew (that was a mistake, large bottle on the next order). Not only are her milks delicious, but her passion is something to admire and her bubbly personality after having already put in a full day of work by 10am (apparently nuts must be milked in the wee hours of the morning) is something I could use some pointers in. She's changing the Boston milk scene one nut at a time. Keep an eye on this one, she's bound to do great things!  Nutty Life: