My new Juicer

I have yet to own a juicer...until now!  I thought i'd start out easy and make simple fruit juices just to test the Breville. I kept it simple - Lemonade and pink lemonade! I chose to remove the skin of the fruit which i think was a good call.  Threw in the fruit and laughed the whole time as some of the juice spewed out at me when i removed the food plunger.  I think i used about 8 lemons. I used half that juice in one container and filled it up with water and added some honey.  For the pink lemonade I took the other half of the already juiced lemons and then juiced some strawberries.  I poured the whole concoction into a carafe and then added water and honey. Chill and shake well before serving.

Next up:

  • CranApple
  • Grapefruit

Helpful Hints for next time:

  • The more bitter or tart the fruit the more you need to cut with water.
  • I don't use sweetners other than honey but i think next time i'll try the juice with Stevia because the honey just wasn't cutting it.