B&G Oysters

We FINALLY made it to B&G Oysters!  We have seriously been trying to get here for about a year.  The South End isn't a place we spend a lot of time and the restaurant is ALWAYS packed so we haven't been able to get in.  I called ahead and the only rese left was a 10pm.  We normally eat an 8:30 / 9pm dinner so why not?! Took the rese, got there early like 7:30 and since the patio is first come first serve they actually had a table leaving and we got right in. I was super excited to sit outside because it was a beautiful night and although the patio space is small its lit so well and so romantic it was nice to enjoy an intimate dinner with my love in celebration of his promotion!

What we ate:

  • Oysters....of course
  • Clam Fritters
  • Green Bean Salad
  • Deviled Eggs
  • Lobster Roll
  • White Wine

Fresh oysters and a glass of white wine sitting outside on a warm spring night - do I need to say more? I was in heaven from the beginning! Add on everything else we ate and I think Nick may have literally rolled me home, but it was worth it!  The clam fritters were so-so, I probably wouldn't order them again, too much fried dough not enough flavor.  The green bean salad was amazing, its where i drew my inspiration for the Summer Snap Salad, the mint is perfection.  I've never seen deviled eggs on a menu before so of course, had to try it.  Good but I prefer my Nanas on Easter Sunday. Lobster roll was to die for and you cant really go wrong with white wine.

I may have eaten my calorie count for the entire week within 1 meal and spent all my extra cash but my belly was happy and i'd do it again!