Warrior Wednesdays: Bikram Yoga

I look like I jumped in a pool, I’m drenched in sweat, I can’t breathe, I mean I’m breathing but no oxygen is getting into my lungs, I’m chocking on humidity, I need to get out of here because if I don’t all of my clothes are coming off!  Why is this guy yelling at me? He told me to take it easy, rest if I need to but every time I rest he tells me to get back up. Before I know it I’m out the door, a puddle on the floor, the cement floor is cold beneath me, ahhh fresh air I can breathe again.  I look at the clock, class is only 45 minutes in, how do I go back in there….ugh the humiliation!  I haphazardly make my way back into class and join the rest of the suffering souls; 40 minutes, you can do this!

I did it, well mostly…. I feel great, I sweat my ass off, I feel cleansed, I’m hydrating and I made it through that torture!  By no stretch of the imagination am I exaggerating here, that’s what it was, good old fashioned torture!  No flow, no stillness of mind, no loving touches just a constant countdown with intermittent scolding either from the teacher or my own mind.  Yet, for some reason, this feeling of accomplishment will get me there again.