Warrior Wednesday: Led Ashtanga

I've taken a few led Ashtanga classes and I actually really like them.  Some teachers are different than others, I really like Francisco who has been subbing for the last month or two. He’s nice, he laughs, makes a joke here or there, tells you to not break your knees, ads a 4 ½ to his breath count when he knows we are all struggling (bastard lol).  I like the led because I have a hard time remembering the order and I get to go farther and see what’s coming up next in my Mysore practice.  Plus, there are postures further into the Mysore practice that I can do such as binds and headstand but I can’t get to the full expression of some of the earlier asanas such as a forward bend and getting my face to my shin.  I feel like I’m getting held up because of that. I also like that everyone is on the same pose at the same time it helps with keeping my head in the game!