Warrior Wednesday: Hip Hop Yoga

  was all excited to take hip hop yoga, FINALLY I had signed up for the damn class before it was wait listed – oh wait, whats that it’s not Goldie teaching it’s a sub…awesome! I’ve heard Goldie is great and I’ve tried and tried to sign up in time for her class but it is always wait listed!  Good for her, I’m sure, but not so much for me!

I went to the class anyways, I was running late, didn’t get a spot next to Roxy but all the way in the back by myself   The class started and there was no music, we did a warm up for a bit, then the teacher got distracted by a parade that was going on outside (annoying – if she’s not focused, how can I be?), then the music started but I wouldn’t really call in hip hop as much as I would call it rap.  It was to fast for her flow, it didn’t go at all.  Then she gave us a 5 minute song to flow to ourselves which I’m fine with because I was able to speed it up and make it work a lot better for myself BUT and this is a BIG BUT….she’s not teaching, she’s not concentrating on her students and she obviously didn’t put much effort into the flow and the rhythm of the music. 

By the end, class had picked up a little bit and she had us doing some fun transitions and some harder asanas that I’ve never been taught before so that was cool.  Overall, what I thought it would be and what it actually was were two very different things!  I guess I thought it would have been a mix of like aerobics being kept to a quick beat but yoga style mixed with a dance class.  I’d love to try again sometime with Goldie and see if her class is different.

~Namaste Yogis~