Turtle Beach St. Kitts

Don't be fooled by the name, we saw no turtles at Turtle Beach.  What we did see was clean sand, blue skies, a wild bore named Wilbur and a monkey that drinks beer.  Along the way, Leroy (our cabby) told us that it was the french that brought the monkeys over as pets.  Their pets got loose and have continued to procreate to a point in which there are now more monkeys than there are people on the island of St.Kitts which causes a lot of problems for their farmers.  So I felt bad that these few monkeys were locked up in cages on beach but come to find out they were actually rescued animals - still not sure about the beer drinking though lol.

When visiting this beach you should also be careful of the vendors that walk around, these people will do anything for money and are pretty tricky about it.  They won't tell you up front the cost of say a massage on the beach or someone to rub sunblock or fresh aloe on you or even to hold/take a picture with a monkey, so as a nieve tourist (as I am) you may think its free but they will get ya at the end so just be aware.