The Green Polka Dot Box

I found this AWESOME home delivery good for you grocery store at reasonable prices with FREE shipping.  $50 to join for the year - totally worth it!  It took about a week to be delivered and I was like a child on Christmas when it finally arrived!

Check them out here: The Green Polka Dot Box

The best part being that it REALLY does come in a greenpolka dotted box - LOVE IT!  I ordered so much stuff that I don't even know what's in my cabinets anymore.  Nick and I are going through and marking down what we do and don't like so we can be more on point next time around.  It's a fun food adventure because there are a lot of unusual flavors niether one of us has ever experienced before so I try not to judge right off the bat and give it a fair chance.  One thing that I adore are the Bodacious Banana Bread Walnutz - these things are amazballs & raw (who woulda thought) - These bad boys are definitly on the approved list!