The Fine Line Between Pain & Pleasure

I am not quoting Mr. Christian Grey when I say there is a fine line between pain and pleasure, I am actually quoting a substitute yoga teacher I had the other day.  But how right they both are!

In yoga we bend and stretch and torque our bodies into positions that seem unnatural to the non-yogi.  So why do we do it? 

We all have a threshold, a point at which we think we'll break - physically, mentally, etc.  In my practice I constantly come up against that line, that point of no return where in each posture I make a conscious decision to either pull back or push through.  To make the later decision you have to be brave enough to know in that back of your mind that if you push through that wall of pain, you will be tiptoeing that very fine line  but that if you hold true to the path you chose your body will eventually succumb to the pain and absorb it.   There is no instant gratification so when I say "Pleasure" I mean it to be something you will receive after the fact.  You'll find it in the release and you'll find it the next time you step on your mat to practice that posture and realize that you've pushed that threshold.

I brought my boyfriend to yoga with me for the very first time a few weeks back.  I think he was nervous because as I stated earlier yogis bend and stretch in ways that just have no rhyme or reason to the non-yogi and they think "i'll never be able to do that" - hell, isnt that what we all think about certain positions (I do)!  But the further you push that threshold the closer you come to attaining the unattainable.

Simply put, I've never left a yoga class feeling let down by my practice when i've given it all I've got and broken down a few walls along the way.