The Corksicle

I used Nicks stocking stuffer (and by Nicks I mean I gave it to him) for the first time recently and it worked great!  The Corksicle is a nifty little gadget that chills your wine without watering it down and keeping it sealed.  I had this bottle of white in my wine rack and when I wanted to drink it, it wasn't cold.  I really want to keep white grapes in the freezer at all times so I can just throw a handful in my glass to chill it but I always wind up eating them all.  Pretty sure the corksicle is the next best thing!  Keep the corksicle in the freezer and when you need it, simply uncork the bottle of wine and recork with the corksicle. Let chill about 5 minutes or so and WA-LA - cold wine!