Stoddards Powder Room

I seem to have this odd obsession with bathrooms.  I really don't like them, all the germs...egh!  But when I find one thats unique or different I kind of obsess about it.  Last year I found the toilet at Lolitas which is amazing and just Friday I found this one.  Now, I'm not saying that Stoddards doesn't have more to offer than just the bathrooms because the cheese & meat board was amazing it had REAL honeycomb and thin thin slices of duck meat - 1)I LOVE honey and have never had real honeycomb, it was SO cool. 2) Usually duck meat is to greasy that I don't enjoy it but sliced so thin it was perfect. 3) the bread was great too (need I say more?)  Onto the brick and pipes is totally my idea of aesthetically pleasing and look how they saved money on purchasing toilet paper rollers!